ISLAMABAD: Airbus has released preliminary information about the PIA plane crash on its ongoing investigation in the French facility.

According to details, the Airbus management informed the Pakistani government agencies about the preliminary information. Airbus officials say they have obtained important information from the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder of the crashed PIA plane.

Airbus Chief Product Safety Officer has written a letter to PIA and other Airbus plane users, stating that an investigation into the PIA plane crash is under way and the analysis of flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder has revealed important information which will help the investigation further.

The Airbus letter states that the Airbus administration is analyzing evidence based on what has been recovered at Le Bourget Lab.

The letter said representatives of the Pakistan Aircraft Accident Investigation Board were also involved in the investigation, cooperating fully with the investigation team, but Airbus did not have any specific safety recommendations for operators at this stage of the investigation.

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