LETTER: Business Recorder op-ed writer Rashed Rahman in his latest contribution to the newspaper “The American uprising" has successfully carried out the ‘post-mortem' of the American society to determine the cause of George Floyd's death. That systemic racism is deeply rooted in the American history and society is a fact. But I would beg to differ with the writer's conclusion. He has argued that “The current protests may not continue indefinitely, especially if Donald Trump's threats of using force are carried through. But in the process, the US people may overturn in November 2020 the mistake they made by electing a man like Trump to the highest office in their land. That would elicit a sigh of relief not just from the American people, but people all over the world."

Trump's likely defeat in November will not bring about any meaningful change in policies until and unless steps are taken in accordance with what the Revenend Al Sharpton has advocated: “change the whole system of justice."

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