LAHORE: The Governor of Punjab, Chaudhary Mohammed Sarwar, has said that those who are not implementing the coronavirus SOPs will be punished, and there will be a strict lockdown in the coming days in those areas where the SOPs are not being followed.

“We all have to play a role in fighting Covid-19 in Pakistan. I am requesting the people again and again to stay at home and follow all the government's precautionary measures in letter and spirit," the governor said while talking to the media at the Governor's House here.

He said, “Mortality rate of this virus in Pakistan is also increasing, and it is the highest in South Asia. Our coronavirus cases have surpassed that of China's in number. We have only a single option which is strictly implementing the coronavirus SOPs.

We will have no other option but to re-impose the lockdown if surge in the virus cases continues in Pakistan."

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