KARACHI: Sindh Health Minister Dr Azra Fazal on Thursday told the Sindh Assembly that Covid-19 is threatening the human life, fearing the pandemic is fast spreading across the country.

Showing concerns, the minister said patients are feared to throng to the hospitals for treatment but may not find the beds for getting admitted. Informing the house about Covid-19 present situation in the province, minister said the loosening of lockdown has slipped away the focus of the government to control the Covid-19 spread.

“The country is facing a big [health] crisis…" she said, adding that the Sindh government has been accentuating on lockdown in the country, which was ignored, resulting in 700,000 pandemic patients in Lahore alone, where beds in hospitals are not available for them.

In Sindh, she said, the government is increasing the number of doctors and paramedics at hospitals to cope with the patients rush. An average of Covid-19 patients has been 24 percent in the last one day, Dr Azra told the lawmakers, complaining that people failed to realize wearing masks. “People without masks are moving and shopping," she added.

The provincial health minister also cast worries over the danger of Covid-19 spread to hit people, saying that the situation is critical for the governments. The country will soon see shortage of beds and facilities at hospitals for Covid-19 patients. “People will die of Covid-19 like flies and you [Prime Minister] will rather focus on protecting economy," she said, adding that the country stands leaderless amid the healthcare challenges with no direction to cope with them.

She said the Expo Centre isolation ward has the capacity to accommodate between 1200 and 1500 patients, saying that SOPs have been evolved for Covid-19 tests. She said the government plans to establish infection disease hospitals with bio safety lab in each district of Sindh.

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