ISLAMABAD: The mortality rate due to spread of coronavirus in the Islamabad Capital Territory is around two percent of the total population of 2.2 million, according to the district administration. On Wednesday, the total deaths registered in the city reached 34, and confirmed cases 3,188. 399 patients in the city have so far recovered.

In the last 24 hours, 67 deaths were registered and 4,131 confirmed cases were reported nationwide. The total number of deaths has reached 1,688 and confirmed cases 80,463 across the country.

Around 28,923 corona-affected have recovered.

Highest 31,086 confirmed cases have so far been reported in Sindh with 526 deaths.

Whereas, in Punjab the death toll is highest, which is 570 against confirmed 29,489 cases. In KP the situation is worse as 490 deaths have been reported so far, and the confirmed cases are 10,897.

In Balochistan, confirmed cases are 4,740 and 49 deaths have been recorded. In AJK, 284 cases have been reported, with seven deaths.

The number of confirmed corona cases in Gilgit-Baltistan is 779 and deaths, 12. The administration of Gilgit-Baltistan is strongly opposed to the federal government's decision of opening tourism in the areas.

Any kind of such relaxation in lockdown may cause corona spread and bring more deaths. The government is expecting to bring stranded Pakistanis from aboard and 79 international airlines including PIA have been scheduled from June 2 to June 10. The government is hoping to bring 20,000 Pakistanis back home in the current week.

The Pakistan Railways chief commercial officer said in a statement that the railway department has to pay Rs110 million in term of ticket refund.

Moreover, the railway authorities have also issued directives for ticket refund to divisional commercial officers of all seven divisions.

On March 20, Pakistan Railways had offered a complete refund of the advance ticket to the passengers who had to travel from the suspended trains services amid fears of coronavirus outbreak.

Announcing the development, the railways' authorities had said that only those who booked their advance tickets from the reservation counters at the stations had to visit the stations.

The others who booked their tickets online or using other services are not required to visit the railway stations as the similar platform used for booking purpose should be utilised for cancellation of the tickets, they said, adding that the online tickets' holders would also be able to avail the full refund policy.

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