ARTICLE: “So what's new?

“Same o same o."

“Can you be more specific?"

“The Prime Minister is making the lock down smarter by the day and the Sindh government reckons it's getting unsmarter by the day."

“Well, you say tomaaato and I say tomato."

“I reckon it's a bit more than that."

“No government is going anywhere – so if you live in Islamabad you do what the Prime Minister wants you to do and if you live in Sindh you follow the rules set by Murad Ali Shah and company."

“I thought it was Bilawal Bhutto Zardari rather than Murad Ali Shah and company."

“Whatever, but I urge Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to enact a law as a tribute to his dad that would make it mandatory for all of us…"

“Are you crazy! Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is not the prime minister and besides Zardari sahib is as quiet as…as…as…"

“A proverbial being"

“This is grounds for defamation…never a proverbial being, a wadera can never be a proverbial being…"

“That's an English expression, as quiet as a you know what…"

“The mice I know are not quiet at all…"

“Good heavens, you are defining mice as those who leave the sinking ship, the ship defined as the leadership of the outgoing political party…"

“Yeah, I guess but anyway I meant give a tribute to Zardari sahib who inserted the name Bhutto for his three children, you know Spaniards take their mum's last name as well as their dad's and this is the way forward as it would then be easy for us to know the family history of anyone…"

“Right, but how do you reconcile two brothers with different last names for example Khusro Bakhtiar and his brother and then there is…"

“I agree that's confusing so any suggestions?"

“Better let the status quo remain, I mean even The Khan has accepted the status quo in all matters…"


“That's the way of the world my friend."

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