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Love proved stronger than the coronavirus at a hospital in Mansourah, Egypt, where two doctors currently treating COVID-19 celebrated their engagement in a hospital ward.

Dr Aya Mosbah and Dr Mohamed Fahmy, who both work at Mansourah's Dar Al-Shifa Hospital, decided the best place to get engaged under the current orders to social distance was the hospital. The couple called up photographer Mohamed Selim for a fun photo shoot to mark the event, whose pictures went viral on social media this week.

In the staged photos, both doctors are fully dressed in personal protective equipment as they would be for work every day; Fahmy dresses up as a patient and Mosbah appears to check her fiancé's vitals while he surprises her with a ring.

The couple didn't quite expect the response their photos received or know how their photos went viral. On her personal Facebook page, Mosbah thanked her friends and family, who wished her well and prayed for a blessed life free from envy.

Contrary to rumours spreading on social media that Fahmy met Mosbah while he was recovering from COVID-19 at the hospital, the couple has known each for some time since they are colleagues. Friends of the couple also insist that neither has tested positive for the coronavirus so far.

Wishing the couple a long and happy life together!