• Factories and Manufacturing units allowed to start operations upon adherence to SOPs set out by Sindh Government.
  • Verification order by TDAP is necessary and all SOPs must be in place before commencing operations.

The government of Sindh has notified factories and industries pertaining to export and import businesses about operations. Many factories have been allowed to begin operations after factory and office checks were taken and SOPs were followed.

The export and import committee met to address issues faced by export-oriented businesses in Sindh and following checks and adherence to SOPs detailed by the body, permission to commence operation has been given to the businesses.

Verification of Export order by the Trade Development Authority Of Pakistan, undertaking by owner for adherence of SOPs and list of staff working on premises is the requirement to begin operations for factories and businesses.

The notification emphasizes that all operations are to be managed and adhered to as per Home Department Order of 14th April.