On the auspicious occasion of Pakistan Day, I extend warm felicitations to all citizens of Pakistan. 23 March, 1940 reminds us of the historic Resolution, which was the embodiment of Muslims' aspirations for freedom, identity and dignity.

Indeed, it was a major milestone in a courageous and heroic struggle that eventually culminated in the creation of Pakistan under the inspiring leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. I personally believe that a more befitting celebration of this day is to translate into reality the dream of those who laid down their lives for a separate homeland.

The occasion demands us to channel energies towards nation-building. Let us resolve to work for this purpose with the same determination and commitment that was shown during the journey towards independence.

On this momentous occasion, I assure that Pakistan Air Force is fully capable and ready to respond to any threat and will not compromise on sovereignty or territorial integrity of Pakistan.

We reiterate support to Kashmiri brethren in their just struggle for self-determination. Also, PAF is alert to the challenge of Coronavirus and has implemented measures in line with the guidelines by Government of Pakistan to preserve force readiness and ensure safety of personnel. In these testing times, while PAF stands by the nation, ‘CARE NOT SCARE' is the need of the hour. I am confident that together we will soon overcome this pandemic.

Let us pray that Allah Almighty may grant us strength and courage to ensure invincible aerial defence of Pakistan, Aameen!

Pakistan Air Force Zindabad!

Pakistan Paindabad!

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