As the coronavirus continues to spread, Actress Reema Khan has emphasised that people there is a need for caution, no need for panic and try to defeat this monster virus.

Taking to her Instagram account she said, “In this catastrophic time, in this difficult moment, I understand we all are scared and nervous. Don't be panic. Use your wisdom and try to defeat this monster virus.

May Allah bless us all, forgive our sins, keep us safe, guide us, give us wisdom, soften our hearts and most of all eliminate this monstrous disease from the face of this earth ameen.

Stay safe, stay strong, stay clean and overall don't forget we only live by letting others live. Lots and lots of love, positive vibes, hugs and prayers".

Earlier, as the coronavirus, now declared a worldwide pandemic, continues to spread, celebrities took to social media to react to the outbreak. The total number of coronavirus cases in Pakistan have drastically increased over the weekend with the country reporting 193 confirmed cases on Tuesday.