ICI Pakistan Limited has a distinguished 75-year legacy as a manufacturing and trading company – known and trusted by generations across Pakistan. The Company has transformed from a single soda ash manufacturing unit into a diversified industrial conglomerate with a business portfolio, which includes Soda Ash, Polyester, Chemicals, Agri Sciences, Animal Health, Pharmaceuticals and infant and growing up formula.

The Pharmaceuticals Business of ICI Pakistan manufactures, markets, and distributes some of the leading pharmaceutical products in the country, including drugs that fight life-threatening diseases.

In recent years, ICI Pakistan Pharmaceuticals has acquired brands and assets of Wyeth Pakistan Limited and Pfizer Pakistan Limited along with acquiring Cirin Pharmaceuticals (Private) Limited, which became a subsidiary in 2016. These acquisitions along with the Company's state-of-the-art Nutraceuticals plant, have substantially strengthened the manufacturing capability of the Company and diversified its overall product portfolio.

ICI Pakistan Pharmaceuticals is also a longstanding distributor of AstraZeneca's high quality life-saving medicines. In December 2019, AstraZeneca and ICI Pakistan renewed their existing relationship and also explored potential new avenues of partnership to fulfil unmet medical needs and build a platform for patients and caregivers to mitigate the high burden of disease.

The Company's Pharmaceuticals Business aspires to become the “most trusted, quality-conscious and innovative pharmaceuticals company' in the country. To attain this goal, ICI Pakistan Pharmaceuticals is undergoing a phase of transformation to deliver sustainable, competitive and profitable growth while catering to the increasing need of quality healthcare.

Over the last few years, the Company's Pharmaceuticals Business has witnessed an internal transformation by leveraging best practices and forging greater synergy between its various segments and portfolios. In keeping with this, the Company plans to expand its portfolio by launching new products in the coming months which will not only cater to patient needs, but will also help build a stronger foundation for growth.

The Pharmaceuticals Business has further strengthened its Marketing and Sales capabilities by introducing a new Brand Planning Framework and launching the new Sales Call Model. It has also deployed strategic marketing initiatives, including the launch of a new Promo Grid. Sales resource optimisation and sales restructuring have been carried out to strengthen the focus on priority brands and leverage customer segment synergies. The commercial strategy is geared towards making the Pharmaceuticals Business an insight-driven, competitor-aware and future-ready organisation.

Staying true to the Company's core value of Customer Centricity, ICI Pakistan Pharmaceuticals is transitioning from a single-channel to a multi-channel marketing model. The idea is to capitalise on multiple digital platforms to enhance customer experience at every step of the customer journey. As a result, the customers will benefit from having access to high quality information about products and diseases, enabling them to make an informed choice.

ICI Pakistan Pharmaceuticals has also made great progress over the last few months in the Distribution and Sales Operations Planning processes. Distributor rationalisation has been done to improve controls and efficiencies. Through a structured process, demand forecasting and supply planning models have been improved in order to ensure product availability and support inventory management.

To deliver high quality products and cater to the growing market needs for its expanded product portfolio, the Company is investing in resources to significantly enhance the manufacturing facilities of its Pharmaceuticals Business, which will result in higher capacities, improved efficiencies, and further customer outreach.

ICI Pakistan Pharmaceuticals has been consistently growing at a faster rate than the pharmaceuticals industry since October 2018. This is linked to the many proactive initiatives taken by the Company on all fronts.

The Company's mission statement is ‘Improving Lives'; not only does ICI Pakistan Limited have a long history of supporting and partnering with communities to improve lives through its CSR initiatives, but the Pharmaceuticals Business, through its revamped strategy and its concentrated efforts on delivery and customer focus, will continue to play an integral role in patient treatment and care, ensuring a beneficial customer experience.

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