On the 41st Anniversary of the victory of the Islamic revolution of Iran, I, as the Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Iran, cordially congratulate the Iranian nation, the Supreme Leader Hazrat Ayatullah Kahmenie and the Honorable President of Iran H.E. Hasan Rohani, and also all the Iranian residents in Pakistan and the Pakistani loving the Islamic revolution.

Today, we are celebrating the 41st anniversary of the Islamic revolution at a time when the enemies of Islam and Iran, had false ideas against this revolution and took cowardly measures against it, one of them being the brutal and unlawful assassination of Lt. Gen Qassem Suleimani in Iraq. But the friends of the Islamic revolution across the world including our Muslim brothers in Pakistan, as they expected, always saw Iran coming out proud and successful in overcoming the challenges, achieving astonishing achievements and defeating the enemies.

The power of the Islamic Republic of Iran to defeat challenges and resist the superpowers is rooted in its profound belief in people's power and Allah's promise of help to Muslims.

On this basis, the Islamic Republic of Iran showed that it is bound to the standard of the Islamic revolution including freedom, mortality, spirituality, justice, sovereignty, honor, rationality, brotherhood and progress of the Muslims and will endure the maximum pressure from the enemies aimed at forcing it to desist from these standards.

It is due to the adherence to those Islamic goals that even after 41 years of the Islamic revolution, the number of its lovers is increasing day by day, an example of which may be found in the million-strong processions of Shaheed Suleimani in Iran and Iraq as well as in the wide condemnation of this abominable act in Muslims countries including Pakistan and the city of Karachi. This mass participation of the friends of the Islamic revolution showed that while all things have an expiry date, the global motto of this religious revolution is exempt from this rule.

The recent developments in the region once again showed that the Islamic Republic of Iran is kind and forgiving but strong against the enemies of Islam. The brave response to the assassination of Suleimani can be seen as an example of Muslims' power for defeating the enemies of Islam.

With this response, the Islamic Republic of Iran proved that in any conflict, even with the US and Saddam, it never fired the first shot and in all cases, it only defended itself against the enemy attacks and has, of course, retaliated very strongly. This revolution from its beginning to this day to now has stood clearly and boldly against the tyrants and has defended the oppressed soles. This truthfulness, clarity and might for supporting the oppressed people across the world has been the main reason for the success of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the enmity of the superpowers with it.

On this basis, the Islamic Republic of Iran wants all the other Islamic countries to be cognizant of the prevailing conditions of the Islamic world and the ever- increasing enmity of the superpowers, which clearly manifested itself in the plan termed as the “Deal of the Century" and set aside their differences, learn lessons from their mistakes and help improve the conditions of the Muslims through unity and concord.

To this end, while reiterating support for the efforts of the government and people of Pakistan, particularly those of the Prime Minister Imran Khan, for an increased peace and security in the Islamic world, I proudly announce that the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to talk and cooperate with all Muslims countries in their region for the cause of the unity of the Muslims.

Further, I also cordially thank the authorities in Pakistan including those of the Province of Sindh for their efforts for deepening of multilateral relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran and all other Muslim countries, and am pleased to announce that, as the Consul General of the Islamic republic of Iran in Karachi, I will put all my efforts in expansion of relations between the two friendly and fraternal countries of Iran and Pakistan. I hope these joint efforts, ultimately, will result into peace, security and prosperity of all the Muslims.

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