• Since 2006, Zameen.com has steadily risen through the ranks of Pakistan's real estate sector.
  • The team will now host the third edition of the Pakistan Property Show Dubai on the 6th and 7th of December.

The Pakistan Property Show (PPS) by Zameen.com is annually organised in Dubai as the international chapter of numerous Zameen Expos held across the country. This mega event was launched in 2017 with the aim of connecting Pakistani expats settled in the gulf with lucrative real estate investment opportunities on offer in their home country. Since then, it has not only served to bolster the company's repute within global real estate circles; it has also contributed to the growth of the local sector as a whole (exposing it to unprecedented, overseas investor interest).

How it all began – the Zameen.com story (in brief)

Since 2006, Zameen.com has steadily risen through the ranks of Pakistan's real estate sector.

Within the first four years of its digital conception, the website successfully crossed 10 million page views; and by the year 2013, the company had expanded its site operations to the cities of Islamabad and Karachi. Backed by an extremely encouraging response from the local property marketplace, it then decided to launch its first-ever Property Expo in 2014 held in Lahore.

The show brought the best real estate investment opportunities from across the country before thousands of attendees under one roof – and proved to be a huge success. This spurned the Zameen team to hold two more property expos in the coming year. The 2015 edition of Zameen Expo, in turn, became the largest real estate expo to be held in the country's history –at the time.

During 2016, the company announced its decision to host property expos in three different cities of Pakistan [Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad] all of which proved to be highly successful raked in record-breaking attendance figures.

In 2017,the company decided to expand and take Pakistani real estate global. For the first time, in October of that year, over 50 local real estate projects were showcased at the Dubai World Trade Centre – leading to the formalisation of a number of lucrative local property deals in its wake.

Since then, the event has only grown to greater heights; luring in ever-greater numbers of international visitors every year.

A timeline of all the important events relating to the evolution of the Pakistan Property Show is given below:


In October, the company organised its first-ever Pakistan Property Show at the Dubai Word Trade Centre. The event attracted more than 14,000 visitors over the two-day period of its hosting; with more than 50 of the biggest projects from across Pakistan exhibited during the proceedings.


Team Zameen turned its attention towards planning for the second edition of the Pakistan Property Show, Dubai. This event took place in September at the Dubai World Trade Centre and proved to be bigger than the one held during the previous year. It attracted more than 70 exhibitors and over 17,000 people during the course of its two-day setup.


The team is now set to host the third edition of the Pakistan Property Show Dubai on the 6th and 7th of December at Za'abeelHall 5, Dubai World Trade Centre – from 10am to 8:30pm.

Overseas Pakistanis, of course, are invited as the show's star attendees; and the event, like its predecessors, is likely to provide a highly entertaining and instructive experience to all its visitors.

So if you're in the emirate on the above mentioned dates and have even a remote interest in scoring a promising Pakistani real estate deal, then you'd best mark your calendar. Because opportunities like the PPS Dubai don't come around every day!

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