Interact Pro connected lighting dashboard and app

Intuitive app and dashboard that works with Philips Interact Ready lamps and luminaires to bring the power of IoT to enterprises.

Lighting is becoming connected. With the Interact Pro appand dashboard, you can give your customers unique benefits:

— Show them how to personalize light in their workspace

— Help them make significant savings in energy

— Gather data which establishes you as a trusted advisorand long-term partner

Connected lighting technology has already made itsmark in larger corporations. But why should only they getall the benefits? Small and medium enterprises can now motivate employees and boost productivity by creatinga better working environment.

Lights can dim or go off automatically when they're not needed. Employees can personalize lighting settings. And business owners can pick up a whole stream of information on how much energy they're using and the amount it's costing them.

You've always been a pro. Now, you can take things a step further. Introduce your customers to the possibilities of connected lighting and simplify your own work at the sametime. Take on more projects, complete them faster and create partnerships that last with Interact Pro.

How the connected lighting system comes together

Interact Pro key benefits:

— Fast installation, no cables

— Easy setup through intuitive app

— Become a trusted advisor through expert insights

How does Interact Pro help you?

Interact Pro is a huge step forward in what you can offer your customers. But it doesn't involve complex work on your part. In fact, the opposite is true.

Speedy setup

Enjoy high-speed commissioning with the intuitive Interact Pro app. There's no need for costly signal cables. And there's minimal training required. That means you can do more projects at a faster pace with minimal hassle.

Expert insights

Your customers already know the value of LED, but wait until they learn the additional benefits of Interact Pro. When they understand how it creates additional savings and generates valuable data on their system's health and the efficiency of its operations, they'll see youdifferently. As a connected lighting expert. Over time, you'll become a trusted advisor, highlighting new insights you've uncovered from the Interact Pro dashboard.

What does Interact Promean for your customers?

Better lighting, happier workers

First and foremost, staff get to control their ownlighting. They can easily adjust it for the task at hand.

Better working conditions mean improved morale and productivity and make it easier to attract and retainthe best employees.

Efficiency-driven savings

The next benefit? That's energy savings. Lighting sensors work with Interact Pro to figure out if a particular area is in use or not. And if it isn't, the lights automatically dim orturn off. That's less manual switching and more energy saved for your customers. The system can even sense the level of ambient daylight and adjust the lighting accordingly.

This helps businesses meet regulatory targets and qualify for green business subsidies. It also contributes to the company image, in terms of commitment to social responsibility.

Valuable data insights

Last, but not least, there's data. To ensure businesses get full value from their lighting, they can gather and interpret data. With the Interact Pro app and dashboard, you can help your customers interpret a wealth ofinformation, such as energy usage, light settings and automation. And that way, you can take on the role of a trusted advisor.

Get connected in 5 simple steps

We've designed this cloud-connected lighting system to be so simple that it can be activated via our intuitive mobile app.

Once you're set up, you and your customers can start using the Interact Pro dashboard. This is where the really clever stuff happens. You can access valuable insights into how your lighting system is performing and make decisions based on these insights.

And as for the lights themselves, Interact Pro works seamlessly with the Philips Interact Ready lamps, luminaires and accessories. It couldn't be easier.

Wireless gateway

Link to (Wifi) router via Ethernet cable

Interact Pro app


— Project and user management administration

— Easy joining of light sources

— Linked light source and accessories information

— Creation of rooms, zones, on/off/dim and customization

Interact Pro dashboard

The Interact Pro dashboard has a range of features that can help your business:

— Clear overview of all customer installations in the field

— Real-time health status and alerts

— Rich product information for each installed device, enabled via Service Tag app

— Remote project management (including lighting settings)

— Real-time lighting usage and energy consumption data

— Future-ready platform

— Connect up to 200 light points

Business owners

— Lighting scene management via smartphone

— Lighting scheduling

— Energy consumption feedback

— Various user rights settings


— Save time and money by making fewer unnecessary trips, knowing you have the right parts for every job

— Guarantee and provide a professional service level to customers

— Improve relationships with customers by taking a proactive approach in providing data-driven advice

— Identify and respond to issues like performance problems or forecasted device failures ahead of time

— Identify and order the correct parts as soon as they're needed

Business owners

— Desktop view of information provided in the Interact Pro app

— Adapt lighting, set scenes and adjust schedule settings

— Manage user rights

— Monitor energy usage

Wherever you work, it works

Offices. Industrial units. Parking spaces. There's almost no limit to the places Interact Pro can work. Whether it's micro, small, or medium-sized, Interact Pro can make a critical difference to your customer's business. You can customize the software's settings for specific work spaces. Whether you're connecting 20 light points or 200, Interact Pro helps everyone to work smarter.

Philips Interact Ready connected lighting

Interact Pro software is designed to be affordable for small and medium-sized enterprises. It works with any Philips Lighting connected LED lamps and luminaires that are Interact Ready. Sensors and wall switches are interoperable and upgradeable, meaning you're prepared for any changes the future might throw at you. You can start saving energy straight away, with direct point-for-point replacement of conventional lights.

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