Seventy years earlier, it was all started with a small dream initiated from the hometown. And today, Paramount has risen above the horizon in this book trading business. It has flourished so vigorously that it has spread its roots nationwide with an organized distribution network.

Paramount is a well-known and esteemed organisation which has successfully established a reputation both domestically as well as internationally, as a leading publisher and importer of quality books. Our Medical Division started in 2011 has contributed a lot more than 100 medical titles by renowned authors of this domain.

Paramount enjoys the status of being the sole representative of Pakistan in international book fairs. Being importers and distributors of books, Paramount internationally collaborate with renowned publishers like Cambridge University Press, Penguin, Ladybird and Hodder in UK; Scholastic, Alston and Marshall Cavendish Education in Singapore; and MM Publications in Greece. These collaborations help us to introduce international standards of education in our academic system.

We understand the importance of gathering reliable data, finding new perspectives, and generating actionable ideas. Therefore, we commission our own authors and develop our own books which are both educational and general in nature. We warmly welcome renowned speakers and also the new writers who are experts in their respective fields with enthusiasm and promote their exceptional writings in a handbook.

We publish books on a wide genre of subjects and encourage local as well as international authors. We take utmost care that the content produced is timely and research-based and our works meet the international standards. We endeavours to cultivate the major areas like school textbooks, children's books, general books, and dictionaries. Our Islamiyat book for O-Level has been endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations, UK.

We are committed to giving the best possible level of service and want our authors to be completely satisfied with every publication they developed from us. Besides providing a strategic direction to all institutions to develop such an education system, which deliver the knowledge of modern, scientific and dynamic world; we also provide the insightful collection of general interest books through which knowledge can be accessible to all.

Our medical publication has become an epitome in terms of quality publication on all medical subjects including basic and clinical sciences for undergraduate and postgraduate medical and dental students. The main objective is to publish high-quality medical, dental and nursing textbooks to meet international publishing standards. Our publications are being used by health science professionals at leading medical institutions, nationwide and across SAARC countries. Our publications are elaborated with illustrations and graphical representations.

We also acquire reprint licenses (or rights) of existing publications from international publishers and introduce quality books at reduced prices to Pakistani readers. In recent years, we have reprinted books under license from Scholastic, Alston, Cambridge University Press, Syracuse University Press and Harvard University Press.

Our bookstores can be located in all major cities of the Pakistan, including our sister concerned at the Alliance Francaise in Karachi by the name of ‘Booktique' and at Aga Khan University Hospital by the name of Book Stand.


Pakistan Trade with United Kingdom (Million US$)


Year Exports Imports Total Trade Balance Total Export % Share in Total Imports % Share in

of Trade of Pakistan Total Exp. of Pakistan Total import


2014 1,788.40 854.6 2,643.00 933.8 25,109.60 7.1 45,073.00 1.9

2015 1,675.30 788.2 2,463.50 887.2 23,667.30 7.1 45,826.10 1.7

2016 1,574.70 834.6 2,418.30 731.1 20,786.50 7.6 44,684.80 1.9

2017 1,634.80 883.5 2,518.30 751.3 20,422.20 8 52,910.00 1.7

2018 1,608.10 986.8 2,595.00 621.3 23,222.00 6.9 60,867.40 1.6


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