Former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar made headlines during his heydays thanks to his ferocious fast bowling, breaking a number of records and earning several accolades.

The speedster has finally given off his secret as to how he became one of the game's all time fastest bowler. “The one common question that I get from my fans is what did I do to increase my pace? Let me tell you the secret. So when I was playing the 1999 World Cup, I realized that I could not cross 100mph, so than I thought what should I do to cross this barrier," he said.

“So I started training and tried different methods, and in order to increase the speeds I started bowling from 26 yards and used a ball that was twice or thrice heavier than a normal cricket ball and then when I came back I make sure to expedite my pace and by then my speed increased by 4mph," Akhtar added.

The ‘Rawalpindi Express' further revealed that he started building his muscles as well, but without letting his body get stiff in the process that allowed him to increase his pace.

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